About Us

Not All Cones Are Created Equal

To the rest of the world, Chicago’s food is all about deep dish, Italian beef, and Chicago-style hot dogs. But to Chicagoans, there’s not always agreement on the food that unites us. Luckily there’s one dessert we can all agree on – say hello to the Rainbow Cone.

Why Us?

It starts with Family

Our founders, Joe and Katherine Sapp, had a particular affinity for ice cream, but were never satisfied with just one flavor. So when they opened the first Rainbow Cone in 1926, their signature slice (not scoop!) cone featured not one, not two, but five delicious flavors stacked together. Little did they know this imaginative combination of Chocolate, Strawberry, Palmer House, Pistachio, and Orange Sherbet would become a beloved Chicago institution that rivals some of the city’s most remarkable culinary contributions.

Fast forward 95+ years, and today, we’re still locally owned and proudly work to uphold the tradition Grandpa Joe started all those years ago. We value the togetherness of community, the hard work of our people, and strive to bring creativity and uniqueness to every slice and scoop of delicious dessert we serve up to our loyal patrons. As we’ve grown and expanded to multiple locations, we keep the family vision at the forefront of every decision and do our best to make Joe and Katherine proud. 

So, Why Rainbow Cone?

With 95+ years of making Chicago smile, now is the time to take Rainbow Cone to the masses nationwide. Are you ready?

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